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Game seems to have some unstability / save file corruption going on - after a 3rd playthrough most save files don't seem to work (game freezes on a black screen when trying to load) and the game always freezes after the credits on the 4th run so I guess I won't be seeing what the true ending is

im stuck at the binary Puzzle area :/, i took the advice from another forward reply but still i couldnt figure it out

The answer is 31 :D

oh thx bud :3

How many codes are there or is it just one ?

Hello! I just finished the game with all four girls and at the end (in all of them) it says save your game to unlcok different endings so I wonder if there is more to the game after you explore the place with all of the girls? cause theres the tablet thingy at the end I didnt get and the monster was actually the dude for a few seconds at my last run so I dont know can you please explain? do I need to keep playing? thank you! :)

Yeah! Keep playing on the same file (don’t start new games) and you’ll unlock more and more endings to uncover the whole story.

Oh ok! do I need to go with the same girl? 

Nope, as long as you use the same file you’ll be fine :)

Oh okay! thats good! but every time I get the "half human" ending (where hes still half a person) it gets frozen at the end screen for some reason :( 

Also please make a walkthrough/all endings for witch college cause I want to get all gallery scenes and I keep getting the same ending X_X

I'm having a hard time with the binary code puzzle. Can someone help me with it?

Sure! Pay attention to the symbols on the screens (not all the codes from the walls are used). Then remember that the computer is asking for the added sum. Hope that helps!

Ive still got no clue on it, not sure if im just being a dumbass or not

Answer is 31 ^^